Ernest Does Crypto

Capt. Lee Rosbach has spent more than three decades circling the globe as a mega yacht captain. Born and raised in landlocked Saginaw, Michigan, he has commanded more than a dozen super yachts. The “Stud of the Sea” is known for running his ship with a no-nonsense attitude and salty one-liners.

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Hey Yachtys, climb aboard!

Tired of scams and boring tokens? So are we! That’s why we created yachts on Solana – to bring the fun and memes back to crypto!

Why Buy Yachts?
  • Yachts float: That's right they float, so you are safu.
  • Yachts have a Jacuzzi: Memes, laughs, and a whole lotta yachts!
  • Yachts are Spacious: Yup that's a lot of room for activities.. Join us, be silly, make friends, we all love yachts here.
Get in on the fun!
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